Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Country Roads

The Spring

Heat waves rolling off the grassland, birds setting in the shade of the grass beneath the trees, The breeze creates, a slight rustle among the tree branches, Butterflies and other insects move in the shade of the trees. Afternoon heat settles on the prairie but among the trees is a cool shade. Spring water oozes out of the ground creating small pools as it glides down the hill to the creek. The small trickle of water feeds the tree grove creating a respite from the sun’s heat.
The spring provides enough water for a small grove of trees on the edge of the sand creek. The grass is greener, wild flowers bloom and dapple the green with their colors. Birds build nests in the branches, flying in and out capturing insects, four legged critters come in for some refreshment. The collection of trees is home to numerous dwellers on the prairie.
Pioneers would select places like this to build their homes nearby. Wells could be easily dug and there was spring water. On the banks of the creek homes were built overlooking the spring fed grove of trees. Cattle could come in and have fresh water, some shade. The children had trees to climb and play around, maybe hang a rope with an old tire for a swing.
On Sundays after church the family could go down to the shade of the grove on a hot afternoon. A picnic lunch was prepared, a blanket spread out on the cool grass in the shade. Children would chase the butterflies or see what was in the pond, maybe play hide and seek. Mon and Dad would sit on the blanket and talk, discuss the days, the crops and school days. Drowsy, dad would take a quick nap, mom lay next to him and the kids romped among the shade of the trees.
Today the pioneer families are gone but these little groves are still out there. The birds still fly among the branches and the critters come in for a drink and the insects crawl and fly about. It was a simple pleasure to enjoy a Sunday picnic with the family. Get away from the daily work. Give thanks to the creator for all of the blessings.
Country roads wind around these spots of greenery on the high prairie that goes straight to the horizon. Pause, catch a glimpse of times gone by.

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