Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teen Boppin' 50's Style-- Small Town part III

Sunday afternoon, the sun was out and the apple tree was in full blossom, Del eased his car out of the driveway and headed for his friend’s house in the country. He and jerry went to school together and now were in the University. Home for the weekend and cruise around and visit some old haunts. Few minutes Del was rolling into Jerry’s driveway, his parent’s house was set back off the road behind a tree break. Del drove to the end of the drive and turned into the house drive, jerry was already crossing the walk and to the front gate when Del came to a stop. Jerry jumped in and off they went.
At the entrance to the highway Del stopped the car, lowered the visors and released the top. Slowly the top rolled back into the boot. On the highway there was clean air and it was a great day to put the top down. With the top secure they jumped back into the car and sped off down the road, reaching a 100mph in no time. Cresting the hill the neighboring town came into view, Del eased off the gas and the coasted into town. Down the main drag the convertible rolled, there were a few others out cruising and they recognized some of the guys, a few nods and honks were exchanged. At the traffic light Del turned left and headed up main. In low gear they eased up the slight hill past the stores on main.
In front of the stores a few cars were parked. Del drove past and at the end of main flipped a u-turn and cruised back down the street, easing into a parking spot in front of the drug store. There were a couple of guys sitting on the hood of their car passing hot air, Del and Jerry walked past them on slid into the soda fountain.. Ordering a couple of sodas they looked around and spied a couple of girls sitting at a table by the window. One girl they knew from school, she was a couple of years behind them. Jerry and Del walk over to the table and ask if anybody is sitting with them, the girls respond no, the guys ask if they can join them, the girls nod yes.
The fountain is busy that day, there is couple at the next table sharing a malt and starry eyed, two bubble gummers sit at the counter all giggly, two HS guys sit at the other end sipping on sodas and then there are the loud outbursts from the table at the far end. A group of HS guys and girls are setting there, laughing and talking loud, occasionally getting up and going to another seat.
On the wall are the posters for ice cream, cola’s, floats, sundaes or a banana split. The tables had wire legs with a wood top well rubbed and the chairs are wire backed with a small round wood seat. Nearby is a poster of the top forty singer urging the girls to use such and such lipstick and the is the poster for acne cure. The drugstore is busy that Sunday afternoon. In and out goes the crowd.
Del and Jerry asked the girls if they would like to go for a ride. Out the door they head for the convertible.
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