Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slotted Yellow Dashes

The motor leaned into the curve Paul could feel the heat from the exhaust roll up across his leg. On a cool day like this it was no big thing. The arms around him tightened and he could feel the warmth of the body snuggled against him. The curve straightened out and Paul brought the motor back upright.
Ahead lay the arrow straight black ribbon, dotted with a broken yellow center line. At the crest of each hill the road appeared to be narrower going on forever. Rolling over the crest and going downhill Paul eased off the throttle.
Off to the right was a sand creek dappled with trees just budding out in light dim green. Down the hill into the bottom of one of the draws that fed the sand creek. Up out of the draw Paul rolled back on the throttle to charge up the hill. Ahead was a flat pan until the next draw.
The warmth of his old lady on his back felt good as the wind curled through his hair. Paul’s loins were relaxed as the black ribbon sped by under his motor. Flying across the open pasture Paul spotted some antelope standing by the fence watching him approach.
Startled, the antelope surged forward, racing along the fence. Paul rolled on the grips and the motor picked up, the antelope were now at full gallop just ahead running along the fence. Slowly they were leaving Paul. The motor leaped again the yellow dots were becoming a blur. Slowly Paul was catching up to the gorgeous pronghorns. Glancing down at the speedometer Paul seen he was approaching 90mph and just barely catching up to the high flying animals.
A little more gas and they were passing the animals. Suddenly the antelope turned away and came to a stop to look at what was riding beside them. Paul flew past them, glancing back he could them milling about staring at him.
Paul heard a whisper in his ear, “Aren’t they beautiful.” Overhead was a faint out line of the moon. Paul tilted his head backwards and howled. Elation, joy a scream of happiness, the pulse of the motor came up between his legs, the warmth on his back was ever warmer. A race won, a life full and open road ahead
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