Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bombs Bursting

Independence day has passed into history and we await the one for next year.  Headlines jump out proclaiming FREEDOM.  Have you ever wondered freedom from what and what really is freedom?

Took a few pictures of the local fireworks few of them came out nice.

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It was a great show.

I was lucky enough years ago to get a tour of Chesapeake Bay.  One of the tour spots was Ft McHenry, where the national anthem was written.  There is a buoy in the bay, supposedly marking where Key sat in his little boat making notes for a song that would be forever etched in the fabric of the USA.

Fireworks displays of today symbolize that battle and others during the revolution.  It was a time when people wanted to throw off an oppressive government.  They wanted to rule themselves, a freedom from restrictive government rules, one of them being taxes.  The biggest was self governance.  Not an absent government that was way over there some where.

Self determination was one of the key factors of the founding fathers used when they trashed the articles of confederation and replaced them with the constitution.

So does the constitution give you freedom to express yourself, live the life you chose or walk a different path.  Within the fabric of the constitution is a very broad avenue for people of the US to travel.

Today can we travel with the freedoms that our founding fathers gave us in the late 1700’s?  Why have we been willing to give up so many freedoms?

When July 4th rolls around I visit the cemetery where many of our freedoms have been placed and wonder if we will get any back.  What changes do I need to make, what should I demand of the politicians?

Look at the real reasons for the Civil War…….. It had very little to do with slavery.

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