Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nature’s Way



Scrambling through ditches and pastures I stumble across things that fit or how’d that get there.

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The wind gathers the seeds up and deposits them in among the grasses n weeds.  Jewels to sparkle in the green surrounds.  The beds of flowers and planters spread their bounty on the wind, finding  new places to set roots down.

Tromping among the stickers and thorns these damsels thrive, making a beauty.  Pausing for a moment, enjoy the reward, saying thanks to the ways of nature.

IMGP3323 (640x389)

Along with the beauty are the ravenous monsters.  They eat each other and devour fields.  They can become so thick that the ground moves, sun light fades when they fly in hoards. The grasshopper is related to the locust and like the locust, grasshoppers can strip plants into the ground.

It is amazing anything lives after these little monsters have passed by.  There is a plan for destruction, nature renews itself, even in spite of man’s attempts to the contrary.  One of the reasons I question the greenies cry of wolf on the global warming issue.

Nature has a balance and will make changes to keep that balance… In spite of the human meddling.  We can help… but destroy………..

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