Friday, July 29, 2011

Jobs Lost


Closing 7000 post offices will take a number of jobs out of the economy.  Was it necessary, I don’t think so.  For me it is so typical of a government mend set, cut their nose off to spite their face.  Postal jobs are nice paying jobs that do not require a lots of skill or training.  So why do they let all those jobs go by the wayside?


One thing I have not heard is a willingness to take a pay cut to help save their jobs.  I read somewhere that most government workers are paid 22% better then their counterpart in the private sector and get excellent benefits.  Would a 15% cut in pay saved jobs…. bet it would.  Then look at the wrangling over the budget…. would pay cuts save the budget…..?  It would save me from paying so many tax dollars.


One of the things that strikes me, is how selfish we have become across society.


Small little country towns like my neighboring towns will be impacted. There are three town is the area that will be losing their post offices.  Lots has to do with the consolidation of farms and ranches.  Less people living in this part of the country.  Talking with a route driver in south east Kansas, he said some of his stops were 6-7 miles apart.  Lots of miles to drive to deliver mail to a few people.


IMGP3495 (640x420)

This community last their post office a number of years ago but they still have their basic service.  It’s a 25 mile drive to the nearest post office for stamps or shipping but most of that can  be done through the delivery driver or the web.

This little kiosk is in a road junction and has a dozen mail slots and boxes for larger parcels.  This helps the post office and works for the ranchers.  A short drive to pick up their mail or drop off.


The little town I live in does not have home delivery, I have to have a PO Box and go there to get my mail.  Home delivery can be expensive.  I would like to see set ups like this in the big cities.  Here the neighborhood can pick up their mail and the route driver has only a few stops.  Wonder how much money that would save on fuel and vehicle expenses?

Then when I step back and look at things…… the government has been a failure at trying to run businesses of most type and only marginally successful in governing.  The Post Office is but one example of their failures. 

Now how to stop the know it all from getting elected to public office.  People when left alone have a tendency to thrive quite well and get along with each other.  Then the government comes along and says we are incompetent.  There are those who buy that and say….. nanny take care of me for I know not how….

With the weekend upon…. have a great one.

May God be with you in your steps.

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