Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Bills of Medicine


Friend has been battling kidney stones this past year and it is not over yet.  I asked him what the bill has been so far.  He said over 400K.  I almost fell down.

Some doctors are going to have nice vacation villas and nice boats to cruise in. 

What puzzled me, after I sat down, why so expensive?  The machines for testing, the hospital stays or is there and large group of hands out wanting a share of the pie.

Yet I can see why those who are not insured would go moaning to the government.  Yet my friends insurance is government, Medicare.

Personally I feel that is part of the reason things are so expensive.  Most government agencies just pass costs on through and expect the taxpayers to cough the money up.  They seldom questions high costs.

Stop and think,a nice income is 40k a year.  400,000 would support 10 people.  My friend is a small industry but for only a few.

Or make it 50K a year, how many does that support.

Money has a way of multiplying and so often the average joe plods along.


IMGP4771 (1024x680)

4 Trillion dollars in debt we go.  How much money is that?  How many wages could be paid with that at what income level.

The root of all evil……… money, so the saying goes. 

The way the politicians toss money figures around I don’t believe there is any root on money any more.  Greenbacks slide right through my fingers into in the government’s coffers and I get a tad for a bottle of curds.

How did the IRS come into existence and why do we fear them so much?


Have a good week….. please.

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