Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter….. It has Returned


Way back in Sep we had some snow and in Oct a bunch, enough to open the ski areas.  Then the snow god closed the window.  We got little spurts of snow but mostly nice days and decent winter temps. 

The past couple of weeks it has changed.  A storm has been rumbling through about ever 3-5 days.  Not real bad but enough to make travel a hazard and close roads for a few hours at night.

Today is another small blizzard cackling outside.  The snow rolls, sun peeks then hides and wind puffs again.  Couple inches of snow, not much, just enough to make things uncomfortable with the wind.

Standing in the window watching the snow swirl in the headlights on the far highway would reflect off the flakes.  Beyond them was a larger glow.  The horizon was aglow, lights reflecting off the snow. spinning into the gloom of dark.  Patterns twisting over the approaching light.  Turns out the headlights of the train were shining on the snow just right to create a kaleidoscope effect. 

DSCN0907 (800x600)


Even small blizzards are no fun.  The wind whips around, tossing the snow, making drifts.  A pattern that is ever changing and is a delight to  look at after it over.  During though, the warmth of inside is so inviting.

Like all things it to shall pass and another weather pattern will replace this one.  In the meantime, another cup of hot tea n lemon-honey. 

Have a good week.

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