Sunday, October 7, 2012

Small Towns


No longer am I in a hurry to get there.  Now I plan my trips with some slack time to tour some of the small towns I pass through.  There are a variety of buildings.  I like to capture pictures of them and there are other things that are unique to that town.

DSCN2463 (768x1024)

State of neglect is the companion of many of these burgs.  Businesses are gone as are the residents.

DSCN2476 (1024x768)

DSCN2479 (1024x495)

DSCN2481 (1024x764)

DSCN2483 (1024x763)

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The old storefronts line the highway.  Most boarded up and awaiting……….?  Some look like they came from the south, others from another era.

Thriving businesses they were.  Serving travelers, tourists and the wanderer.  Travel changes, people flock to the super speedways of the Interstate, bypassing these little villages.

A few have tried to find a new life for them but to little avail.

DSCN2485 (1024x768)

Wonder where those gates led to, was it a plantation a large business or maybe a mansion.  Today it is overgrown with weeds and care is neglected.  What could the story be, a dream gone bad?

DSCN2488 (1024x767)

A southwestern style home, gated and protected from unwanted visitors.

Time moves on, these little towns struggle to survive.  The Siren song of the big city calls their children.



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