Sunday, June 16, 2013

Floating Wind


The fascination of windmills, around and around they got.  No beginning, no end, Alpha and Omega stand by. 

Classic icon of the land, a ubiquitous machine.


DSCN3609 (800x615)

Probably man’s first real successful machine of capturing energy and transferring it to another use.  Till that time, it was man power or animal to draw water up or grind goods.

A static photo is nice but I also feel there should be some motion.  So I decided to try my hand at videos.  Not the best but it was a kick.  Traveling the back roads looking for turning windmills was an adventure in itself.

A farewell turn

Shortly after I had made this video, I had to go on this road again.  Not paying much attention, I drove right past it.  On my way back I looked closer, still I drove past it.  I stopped turned around and went back, it was gone.  Well no wonder I drove past, I could not see it.  It had become invisible. 

The propellers and motor/gears had been removed.  Only the tower was left standing.  I wanted some more footage of it, now I had to settle for this.  Such was life, here today, gone next week.

This was a composite of videos I made and pasted em together.  Kind of like it but have to try and make another and hopefully better.  I got permission from the singer to use her music.  Now to get some ghost riders of the wind music.

I had a kick makin these, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Now for some more practice.

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