Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Many Taxes Equal Corruption….. etc…….


With all the government scandals, There is lots of finger pointing.  But one finger is missing, back at self, er, there are four of them.

For to many years, we have quietly sat by as taxes have increased.  An occasional voice was raised but no taxes were repealed or reduced by our politicians.  So all of the scandals should not be surprising.  We have been inviting this for a number of years.  A level of integrity is pretty low for lots of people and when they get into government, they see tons of money and millions of suckers.

The amount of money that goes into government coffers is staggering.  It is surprising that there is not more waste and corruption in government. 

Yet if I was to withhold my monies from the government, I would go to jail.  We have given the government that much power over our monies. 

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Hear no Evil….. Speak no Evil….. See no Evil …………………  Or is it the 3 wise men?

So how does one go about protesting to much money in the hands of government.  It has been tried in the past, a thing called the Whiskey Rebellion and there were others.  The more successful one was the Tea Tax Rebellion.  The Tea people just flat threw the government out, AKA, monarchy and started a new government.

The wrote a bunch of documents to live under, that they thought would prevent an oligarchy from gaining power in this new country.  It was successful for a couple of centuries but seems to be coming unraveled for lack of zealous populace and wanton greedy politicians.

So what is it going to take to get the country back together for the people.  To wrest power back from the few?  How to stop sending in the taxes.  To many are afraid of the IRS and its associated government agencies.  So quietly the sheep will continue to be fleeced. 

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