Friday, June 28, 2013

Throwing Bats Swinging Bricks

Been reading about the different decisions from the US Supreme court and the reactions from a variety of groups. 

One of the things that strikes me, is how quick some conservative groups throw their hands up and say they lost.  Did they really lose, I don’t believe so, they should reed and understand what is coming from the court.  Such as the AZ voting law and ID.  The court said they are to follow Federal guidelines and to vote, one has to be a citizen,   So if it is questionable about one’s citizenship a request for verification,ID, is not out of line.

Then on DOMA, never heard so much crying.  Yet the court affirmed that the states have the right reserved to them in the question of what constitutes marriage. 

This gives the states affirmation of their sovereignty and states should use this to override numerous federal mandates that are Constitutionally questionable.

Who really lost on DOMA, was the people’s imitative and that includes both sides of the isle.  Although the left tends to go to the courts to push their agenda and the right goes to the ballot not the courts.

Tow things come across to me out of these court decisions.  One is the gloating of the minuscule, special interest left wing groups.  Two is how easy the right wing conservatives are willing to concede defeat.

Take those two things and look at the debate over climate change and coal.  By executive order, the president eliminated 100’s if not thousands of jobs in the energy industry.  The Republicans have not challenged his orders or try to negate him.  The laws of the land are to emanate from congress, not the executive branch.

   ………….. What form is John Gault going to take?????

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