Thursday, August 29, 2013

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The dog days of summer are ending and its going out in searing heat.  We are in the high 90’s, tripping over triple digits.  Rain has left, monsoon is over and fall’s cool is over there.  Early winter a few say, but right now it is hot summer.  We did not have spring till the last week of May and then after Memorial Day, summer set in.

In a dry climate like I live in there are big temperature swings, sometimes as much a 60 degrees.  Usually the evenings are cool and a delight to sit out side for a spell.  Few bugs in the dry air to bother a person.

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There were times to sit outside, enjoy the sights, listen to the sounds and relax after a hot day in the sun.  Overhead in a clear sky, the stars sparkle, rivaling the fireworks.  The occasional shooting star flashing over head.

Sitting the east side of the house, the horizon is a hill side.  Shielding the moon.  Easily the moon creeps over the hill revealing itself.  In its nude glory, revealing its craters of swiss cheese.  The night of the blue moon it was cloaked in thin clouds, lightly covering its nakedness.  That night it wore clothing of high thin clouds.

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It had the appearance of a refugee from a cheese factory.  Most nights I can sit outside and in the clear dry air, watch the heavens sparkle in all their glory.  The milky way dusting, big dipper and others just hanging on the tapestry of the darkened sky.  There meteor showers most every night, the passing satellite and the airplanes.

High overhead can be heard the throaty roar of the jet engines as it hurtles its cargo homeward.  Is that a plane from St Louis to Denver, maybe that crossing one is from Chicago to LA or Phoenix.  Passengers riding 30-35,000 feet in the air, hurtled along at about 350mph. 

Someday will those journeys to other planets as the writers portray so well in the programs.  A satellite whirls along overhead, miles above the atmosphere, a shooting star crossing its path.

Yes it is in wonderment when I sit out side in the evening cooling off.  These warm summer nights are waning and soon it will be frozen air out on the porch.  The frozen crystals will join the sparkle of the stars.

The awesome beauty of nature, that man tries to recreate and has not only been kind of successful.  With the passing of summer brings the sleep of nature, to be reborn in the next cycle of warmth.  Dormant will the land be, hunkered down for the icy blast of ol’ man winter. 

I shat have a few more nights to sit outside and look skyward and ask self, what is really way out there?




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