Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It’s a Crazy World


Man killing his fellow man, so are there any other headlines?  Then this is an age old story, chasing all the way back to a couple of brothers, Abel and Cain.  Seems we don’t listen to our past very well.


There were the gang killings,  Then the Middle East chemical barrage, the Egyptians embroiling each other. 


When there are mass killings, the media lights flash all over.  Seems they love the gory details of blood being spilt.


WMD, was ballyhooed by the media, now people are being killed by WMD.  So what is the complicit part of the media?  Should the media’s failure to truthful on chemical weapons them guilty of killing others.  The media likes to have guilt by association or non knowing.  So, the media said there were none, does that make them a party to the mass killings? 

Then there is the UN and their inspectors.  Refusing to really get in and inspect certain areas.  Should the UN be charged as being part of these killings?  Failure to do something is just as heinous as doing the dastardly deeds of killing. 

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Then, why do people need to be killed?

Killing someone is the ultimate form of power and control.  To eliminate some one by killing them gives the killer a good bully pulpit of controlling.  So if the USA goes over and kills people, will the country be guilty of murder, manslaughter, genocide, what is the country trying to control over there?


Power and Control

Is what a dictator uses to control his population and killing opponents is but one way the dictator tries to control the population.


What kind of country are we becoming?  It appears we are no longer a loving group of people that cares for others?

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