Monday, August 19, 2013

The Changes of Time Remaining the Same


It is amazing how many changes there have been of my short span of years.  Yet how many things that do not change.  Man floats into a comfort sphere and likes to stay that way.  Changes are hard to adjust to.  There is a resistance within us to change but adapt we do.

Look at that simple machine called the automobile.  In my younger days I helped restore/fix up old cars.  They were pretty simple.  No starters, had a hand crank…. AKA arm breaker.  No batteries, had a magneto and spark adjuster.  Carburetor was a single throat, not complicated.  There were spark plugs and wires, hooked to a distributor.  Mechanical fuel pump and sometimes one had to prime the carb.  If everything was in good order and a good helper to handle the choke and spark adjustment, a few cranks and the motor would roar to life.  The early horseless carriages were just that, a carriage.  No steering wheel, but a lever to turn the front wheels.

Pretty simple machine, yet when it was introduced, oh was there an up roar about that new fangled contraption.  Change was happening, bobbin and the buggy was the old history, the horseless buggy was the new.   There were many who kept their wagons, buggies and horses and did not join the auto revolution.

DSCN3144 (800x562)

Look at the auto of today.  Starting motors, no hand cranking.  No carbs, now fuel injection.  Distributor is gone, now controlled by a microprocessor or brain.  Like it or not society changes. 

IMGP7743 (800x533)

Technology changes, look at all the gadgets, oh the smart phone.  Yet the people do not change.  For all the change a society undergoes, the behavior of people do not change.  The behavior pattern of people today is percentage wise about the same it was a thousand years ago. 

Man still likes to kill other men.  There are fights and arguments over which ideal is better.  People are still blind to others and how they feel. 

Yet as a society, have we progressed?  What changes have there been on how people deal with other people?  There are still bullies out there, haters and controllers and other distortions.  Ideal society is laid out but becomes a failure when it is practiced.  What goes wrong or are people willing to admit to mistakes.

Now to find me a smart car.  Go forth and solve the problems of driving on the road with other people.

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