Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Lions Day


The month left like a lion and the beginning day of the next continued the lions journey.  It was snowing on the last day of January and the snow fell on into February.  It was a nice snow, gentle, light breeze and not real cold.  Late in the day the wind picked up some making the air like little ice knives picking at one.

Snow is appreciated for it is like a reservoir in the mountains and sores in drifts slowly melting into late summer.  Feeding the streams, supplying the reservoirs with drinking water. 

This is the water in the rivers and streams.  The water that keeps the grass green.  Unlike the midwest, we do not get lots of rain in the summer.  The mountain snowpack is our water storage.  The springs are supplied with the water in the far mountains and surfaces after long journey underground. 

DSCN5477 (600x800)

The trees are coated, making a winter wonderland.  The outside is cleansed with the freshness of the snow.  Diamonds sparkle in the sunlight.  The pixie dust glows in the hidden sunlight.  The mighty powers of the sun are blocked by the thick clouds. 

Doing a winter snow dance, leaving footprints in the fresh snow, camera joyfully capturing pixels. 

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