Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidential Racist Blowback


Watched an incident the other day that made the mind do backflips.  A guy went off a black guy, for apparently no reason.  So many expletives deleted were used I ran out of fingers counting them.  The guy was just ragging on the black guy.

Made my wonder, how much has Obama’s using the racist remarks to people caused backlash from people he has been hating on?  There is a certain segment out there that is going to be racist no matter what, that’s a given   My question is”": has the number of people hating on blacks because of Obama’s remarks created another layer of hatred? 

During the segregation protests of the 60’s, there was a certain level of race baiting, yet lots of that subsided over time and into the 70’s lots of racial hatred subsided. 

DSCN3642 (800x600) 

With Obama, I have seen an increase in hateful racial epitaphs.  Has there’s been there all along and Obama brought it to the forefront?  Has the Prez, fanned the flames with comments or are people just returning hate for hate?

The entitlement mind set turns so many people off but the government keeps pushing the freebie programs, fueling the flames.

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