Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow of Epic Proportions …. Hardly


What started out as a gentle snow the first of the week is turning into a good sized snow.  Not much wind, which is nice, the flakes are tiny but are mounting into some snow piles.

IMGP8262 (800x531)

Soon the little critter tracks will be buried.  Into the warm spots the wildlife will scurry.  Wait out the snow and venture forth on another day. 

For some it is lemons, I see lemonade.  We have been dry and the dust has blown several times the past couple of years.  Springs have dried up and so have a few ponds.  Last Fall there were good rains, now we are getting good snow. 

Moisture to feed the crops, to feed the steak makers to feed the people. 

Snow is not easy to move around in but is it necessary to get out in it.  Maybe I shall join the snow shoe rabbit and go hoping in the freshness of white flakes. 

We are expected to get more snow throughout the week.  Maybe enough to make a snow man….. Lady?…. hahj.

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