Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bloody doormat at the Democratic Party……. death walks their hallways.


It is amazing how indifferent democrats are to the killing of people.  Then it should be no surprise, they are the party of abortion.  It appears life has no relevance to them.  The more bloody carcasses there are to walk on the, it seems the happier the democrats are.  The latest is the blood bath going on in Iraq.  For world domination, there needs to be lots of blood shed.  Rape, murder and pillage has been the mantra of the wanna be world conquerors in the past. 

It is almost to the point, if one is a democrat, they are associated with killers.

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The question remains, will any one make the deaths stick to the democrats.  So far they have been able to shrug it off and there are no consequences. 

Somewhere along the way, some republicans will have to grow a backbone and stop pandering to the dems.  If no the country will have changed and it not be the fault of the democrats, it will be the republicans for not frightening for what they believe in.  The current crop of republicans seem to be talking sticks that blow in the wind. 

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Recently, when I checked out a store the clerk was new and I asker her if this was a summer job, she said yes.  I asked her what school, she said, CU-Boulder.  A school of flaming liberalism and town.  It is loaded with Marxists.  Being flippant, I told her to look out for communists.  She looked at me oddly and dismissed it.  There is part of the problem.  Lots of people have no idea how brutal and ugly communism is, or dictatorships.  They grasp what freedom is.

They have come to see the republicans as the enemy.  So to destroy the republicans is a cool thing to do and it is okay to hate on others.  Dangerous ground the people of the land or plowing. 

Yet this hateful group of people is small, less then 40% yet this 40% is ruling the country. 

Now will this little college kids let the beheading of Iraqi's continue or will they protest death by terrorism?

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