Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Empty Thoughts of a vacuum


well, yes, the grey matter is at a loss when the vacuum roars by.  Kind of like the rest of me, now what was I thinking.  They say the mind is the first to go, guess something has to be first.  I’s rather it be my allergies, the first to get lost.  A lost and found department, I am looking for one, success has not been forthcoming, now what was I looking for. Take the trash out, why fore….. the barrel is empty. 

Looks overhead, very carefully, squints, sees clouds floating over head.  Ahhh. I can roam the cotton minds of the passing puffs.  Let the emptiness create another world.  A wandering mind has no boundaries.  The world is its oyster, gone looking for some oysters.   Now where have I been?  What was I looking for?  Empty the trash you say. 

DSCN6593 (800x512)

Always something to talk about, the weather.  It has been a major topic of lately.  Has there been enough moisture to raise the marijuana?  How is the pot crop doing?  Are the air heads on the rampage again.   Man is a very powerful person, he can change the climate.  It is amazing how some some elevate man to the levels of gods where they can influence the weather.

See beyond the blue orb called the sky, there is a vacuum there.  Nothing can exist out there unless they have an artificial environment to live in.  There is no weather, way out there.  So how can man influence that badmouth of a universe.   How can the laws of nature be altered by man. 

Now lets see the minus  of a positive neutron equals the depth of the BS squared the matter of nothing.  For it was nothing at the beginning until the big bang of something formed something from nothing.  Where was I…. oh…. take the trash out.

Ya know…. If I wasn’t so absent minded….. I wouldn’t be so forgetful.  Hey…. Do you know where the lost and found shop is?

Thought for the day……. Those who deny me, God, love death.

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