Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Green Has Sprung Forth

Went outside and got down on me knees, looked at the dirt very closely and lo and behold, I spied tiny blades of green grass ushering forth.  It is that time of year to face the great green ogre of the south and say thanks for its return.


There are other sign of spring, new life come forth, here is a collection of youngsters, less then a month old, probably a week or so old.  Mamma must of got mixed up with a red bull to have red calf.  they are fun to look at, like all babies, they are so clean and fresh, all wide eyed and ready for a new adventure with mom near by.

Late winter has been mild so there has not been much hassle with the calves being born.  Soon there will be other little critters roaming across the grasslands.  Birds are arriving from their snow dens, the chirp of the Western Meadow Lark rolls over the prairie, the trill of the Red Wing Blackbird can be heard and there are more flocking to the bird feeder.  There will be more arriving as the land warms up and butterflies will flutter around shortly.  Freeze has not left yet, it will still get blow freezing until May and there may be some more snow on the ground to watch the robin huddle in the trees wondering why it left the warm climes.

I love jumping in the jalopy and cruising the grasslands looking to see what I can find.  With the price of gas acting like a space shuttle and headed for the moon I may be doing more two foot adventures.  Politics aggravates me so much at times…. choose your side, then look at the greed that fuels the little slime balls.  Politics should not impact my day to day life but it does and it makes me mad.  Have no ideas how to change it but I do ventilate.  Hah…. got that dumped in the cesspool……. now on to other things.


Getting up on the high hills around here I can get a pretty good view of the mountains.  Pikes Peak in particular.  It has been so dry lately that the wind picks up lots of dust and rearranges the dusters.  When the dust is sitting on the ground the mountains become crystal clear and dominate the skyline.  One can look at them and pick out the glacier paths, the lava domes and outline the volcano caldera.  It is quite impressive.  Would of like to of seen it when it was about 40.000 feet in elevation.

The view from atop this mountain is what inspired the song “America the Beautiful.”  The view from the summit is unequaled in the world.  When the plains are a verdant green it is a sight that has nothing to compare to.  Animals move around, new life is brought forth, death strikes and the cycles continue.  A land that is dormant brown, barren in appearance carries a new life from the death of winter, green will blaze forth, blooms will dapple the green.


Have a great week.

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