Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Showers and White Stuff


Woke this morning to another blanket of white same as yesterday morning.  Then during mid day it rains.  Ah the foibles of spring time in the Rockies.



Been following the battles of man vs nature on Donner Pass.  Read on a post today that one of the ski areas there has over 200 inches of snow.  that is a whole lots of white stuff.  On one of the RR sites I visit there have been pictures posted of the railroad plowing and blowing snow and not winning.  The big train engines have become stuck, trapped and derailed by all of the snow.  There have been pictures of the engines in snow almost to their roofline.

Man’s battle with Mother Nature is amazing yet we continue to believe we can control nature.  We can help nature but control, I doubt it.  Even the weather forecasters have a poor record of predicting what kind of weather we will have tomorrow. 

The great irony of this is the global warming people,they said there would be less moisture in the Sierras.  Just the opposite has happened.  It took an earthquake to flood a coastline not global warming and there have been other examples of just the opposite of what the doomsayers predicted.  So many set themselves up as god’s and when they fall they deny they were wrong.

Read that Germany elected a greenz party and one of their things is to close down the government operated nuclear generating plants.  Not sure where the Germans are going to get the electricity to replace this lost electrical power.  Yet this tells me that people buy in to myths real easy.  Rather then questioning and looking down the road at the consequences they go full bore then when people get upset. 

I look at this and wonder where our sensibilities as a society are.  I feel we have become very gullible and buy the lines of bull from the different groups. One of the problems is arrogance, arrogant people do not make mistakes and attack people that question them.  Most people do not like confrontation and bullies feed on this which is a trait of arrogance.

So when I watch the people battle the weather on the high passes of California I wonder why.  What will be accomplished.  when nasty weather hits here in the country, most of the folks hunker down and wait out the storm.  They have supplies and back up electrical generators plus gas tanks.  When the storm is over they dig out and go on with life.  the big city people are in such a greedy rush they do not have that kind of patience.  So big mouth political types open up that they can control the weather and keep the roads clear.  Guess what they either are reelected or get the boot.what’s scary is how people believe them.



VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


This was a display at a model train show, looks pretty good but look closer.  Everything is made of legos.  And no, it is not little kids that put it together.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be a little kid again to play with something like this.  I would of loved to of had lagos when I was a wee tyke.


The week moves on, have a great rest of week.

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