Friday, March 25, 2011

Out On The Range


Driving across the plains I can see remnants of cattle days and the wild west.  Cattle grazing on the hillside the occasional cowboy, usually in a pick up sometimes horse back.


The train rolling in the foreground and grazing bovines in back.  If the hill was dotted with trees it would probably be called a mountain.  It is about 7000 feet in elevation but no trees so it is but a big hill.  In the fall the cattle will be rounded up and moved to another pasture.  That is when the cowboys are out on their horses or ATV’s. 

The stage was routed through here in the 1860’s and then the railroad in the 1870’s.  Could you imagine walking across here and pushing a wheelbarrow back then. The gold fever brought a great collection of mankind across the great American desert.  Few had hand carts, others wagons but most were on foot. 

The wind has been blowing so spring must be getting closer.  Dust is floating in the air, making a nice haze.  bigger patches of green are peeking out and the robin has made its rounds in the weeds searching for bugs.

Been kind of droopy past couple of days.  Popped myself in the ribs with a steel bar.  got the pipe moved but I also moved the side a bit and the ribs let me know, especially when I sneeze, ouch. It is going away and I am sleeping better.  Next time I’ll let the steel bar lay at rest.

Sometimes the media fascinates me.  There are times they come off as some of the most uneducated people.  This deal with the nuclear plants amazes me.  Radiation exposure has been effecting us ever since birth, it’s called sunshine and there are other sources of radiation.  How many know what safe levels are?  Like any thing the body has a pretty good tolerance of lots of things.  Consider a poison called Arsenic is also a heart medicine when used in proper dosage..  There is also a thing called nuclear medicine.  Those with cancer understand this.  Radiation is used to kill cancer plus other things.  Yep its dangerous, then so are lots of other things….. even eating to much food.

Snow is in the forecast….. yahoo, didn’t get any real good snows this winter, just real cold days. 

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Got up early to go to the clinic for the exam and was treated to a great sunrise.  I am not an early rising bird so for me to capture a sunrise is a rare occurrence.

The weekend is here, have a great and blessed one.


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