Friday, March 11, 2011

A Nite on the Firth

Well maybe not but it seems like a good start to musings about the passing of days.  Haven’t went on a tour for a bit and with the price of gas headed for the moon the next tour may be on a bike.  Pedal power is a ;itt;e cheaper but tougher on the legs.  The pistons there just do not pound like they used to.

Well who do we blame for the rising gas prices…… the democrats….. or the republicans.  From where I’m sitting ….. both have made some serious blunders.  Used to be business did not have lots of regulation and so many rules.  Oh we would complain about something and the politicians thought they were pretty powerful.  To get re-elected they would pas all these laws and all of sudden business is no longer rolling along.  Jobs have been lost because of the the rules and regs that were passed, by both parties.



Right now what the republicans said about hyper inflation is slowly becoming true.  Besides gas, groceries are up, clothing and other goods are increasing.  The Democrats had two years where they had the super majority and could pass any law/bill they wanted.  They spent money all over the place and what did we end up with, a huge debt. 

What this is telling me is that government does not have the power to solve our problems like the politicians thank they have. Instead they create more problems then they solve.  Look at some of the bills the republicans are proposing, I don’t see much solution in their proposals. 

For me the solutions is in our own household and how we live our lives.  We have tremendous power to determine how we live.  the key is having a firm set of ethics and willingness to follow them.  There are sectors in society that feel they know what’s best for me and they want to tell me how to live.  They have been called the ruling elites.  They are on both sides of the fence and as long as we go crying to the government to solve our problems these people will take it to the halls of government and use its power to force us to live in their style.

If a person would get out of the democrat/republican schism a look at the reality of politics, lots of issues would go by the wayside.  As long as we use government to impose our ideals/morals there will be problems and we will end up with class warfare big time.

What are you envious of, jealous of…. how is the government going to help you with these issues?  The political system has created two classes, one is a group of elephants and the other is a collection of donkeys.  Neither has been very successful with leadership.  I have not seen a good president since high school and that was a 1000 years ago, in my dreams.


Gone looking for a bicycle with fat tires for gravel roads.

May God bless your steps this weekend.

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