Sunday, April 3, 2011

Evening Chow

The pace of time on prairie goes in its own way.  Saving time carries no meaning.  It is either daylight, dark or somewhere twixt n tween.  With ;light on the wane it is time to grab a bite.


Peacefully up the hill, undisturbed by the passing humans they browse away. 

The wide open prairie is becoming cluttered though.  No longer is the view uninterrupted across the horizon.


There is a collection of man’s intrusion on the landscape.  The railroad crosses by in the lower foreground and by the RR signal is a water well.

Both have been there for more then a century.  Not very prominent but visible.  Up on the ridge is progress brought by the other two pieces.

The Interstate highway crosses the middle of the pic.  I have mixed feelings about all the man made things growing on the prairie.  Wonder how the greenies would feel if all of this was in a wilderness?

Soon there will be more clutter up there, over 150 more wind turbines are on the drawing board.

What do we need to live, what can we do without….. seems to have too many answers and not many ask.


The week begins….. may yours be a blessed week.

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