Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Snow…… Oh Yeah

Snow fall in the spring is not unusual because the varying altitudes across the eastern prairie.  What is rain at lower elevations becomes snow higher up.  The temperature difference becomes very noticeable this time of year.


This is a narrow band that stretched from Pikes Peak NE out across the rolling hills.  Elevation here is from 7000-8000 feet and temps can vary tremendously.  I love what it does to the land.  It is a cleanser and it can also be a killer for those caught unaware.   Not as nasty as the tornadoes in the SE but can be just as deadly.  My heart and prayers go out for the victims down there.  I hope they can recover and deal with their losses and go on with their lives. 

What is upsetting to me is how some elements of society are trying to use this tragedy for political gain.


Under a fresh mantle of snow Pikes Peak looks great.  Hard to believe it was a volcano that blew its top, going from about 30000 feet elevation to over 14000 feet.  One big mountain.



Nature creates some awesome scenery after these storms..  clouds roll and dapple the snow covered grasslands. Grab the sled and go sledding.  Just may go back over there in a week or two and see what kind of wild flowers have sprung forth.


May you have  wonderful weekend

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