Friday, April 1, 2011

Here N There …. Thoughts


Found some trees just starting to leaf out and there was some new shoots on the bushes.  Bellevue spring is starting to take hold.  Last night was the first night since last fall when the temperature did not drop below freezing.  the green thumb is itching at me and I stuff it back in its cabinet but it pops back out a few days later.



Living at a high elevation it takes a while to warm up yet that is nice in the summer.  It doesn’t get outrageously hot.  I can go north a few miles and climb to almost 6000 feet in elevation.  The dryness and lack of clouds does allow the land to warm up real quick yet it cools off great at night.  There can be as much as a 40 degree temperature swing.  Makes for great sleeping at night.



Can you believe it we are getting into another war.  It’s bad enough to be bogged down in some countries where we have gained almost nothing.  We did not learn from the Russians and from other incursions in the Middle East. 

What gets me is the president went right past congress and start4ed shooting.  This is one issue I believe both sides of the aisle would of agreed on.  The debt load is outrageous and now it will grow even more.

When Obama was campaigning against Bush he was badmouthing Bush on getting us into war over there.  So what does Obama do, sticks his foot in his mouth. So now some more innocent Americans are going to be killed to satisfy some politico puffer in DC.  Of all people I figured Obama to be a dove but he is turning out to be something else that is becoming very disgusting. 




These are the coolest little steam engines.  They are called Shay’s.  They are gear driven rather then rods.  The pistons operate a cam shaft that turns the gears mounted on a side rod that then turns gears mounted on axles to drive the wheels.  they are very slow and can handle steep grades and sharp turns.  There forte was in the woods hauling logs out of the lumber camps down the mountain to the mill.

When they are in motion they remind one of a Rube Goldberg contraption.  All the spinning wheels and gears, there is lots o motion on one of these things.


This is a different view where one can see all the shafts and gears.  They still are used today on a few tourist railroads back in the mountains.  Catch one and pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a day out in the mountains, if…. if , one is near by.

The weekend is here.  Go forth and enjoy God’s creation.

May God bless your weekend.

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