Saturday, April 9, 2011

A touch of Spring


Went to the big city of Pueblo to take care of aof things and found a few things of interest.  Pueblo is lower in elevation then where I live plus it is further south.  There spring comes earlier and gets a whole lots hotter in the summer.  100 degree days there are not unusual.  It is also the Steel City of the west. 



The old part of downtown has been spiffed up and trees planted along the streets.  Most of the fruit trees were in full bloom or on the verge.  The fruit trees add such a color to a usually monochrome downtown. 



Come this fall and there will be food for the birds, now the bees are indulging.  Along the city blocks the colorful trees graced the sidewalks.



Being an older city, Pueblo has lots of neat old buildings.  Not the shiny plastic style of today.  These were built by craftsman who had limited tools to work with.

Older cities like this, I go looking for the old parts.  sometimes that means the rougher sections.  The bums and transients hang out in these areas also.  This trip was an easy one.  No derelicts on the corners begging.

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