Monday, August 1, 2011

Lawn Mowers


The lot next door to me is vacant and used for storing old stuff and junk.  It doesn’t get mowed so I worked out a deal with the owner to find someone with some grazing animals to put in there to keep the grass and weeds down.  Couple of ladies down the road have a collection, donkey, goats. bovines, ponies and other critters.

I wanted the goats because they eat the nasty weeds also and go right down to the nub but the fence was not good enough to keep them, in.  They went over it, through it like there was no fence there.  So that didn’t work.

They had some ponies and brought them up to munch on the grass.  They did a good job of clipping the grass down and ate a few of the weeds.  So this year they are back, chomping on the grass.  One short though, it got hurt sop it is still at its pasture healing a shoulder bruise/gash.


IMGP3470 (640x425)

Mom and daughter have been doing a pretty good job of roaming the lots munching on the tender shoots.  I talk to them and they talk back.  Mostly I watch them and keep water in their water tank.

I like it because it reduces a fire danger next door.  It is also nice to see something beside the cat roaming there or listening to the dogs howl n bark.

Deer used to camp there but I believe with the horses in there they have moved on.  Plus the dogs get obnoxious at times also.

One nice thing, these mowers need very little maintaince and leave some fertilizer behind.

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