Sunday, August 28, 2011

The creepy mania of politics


Another blogger directed me top another blogger in Wisconsin.   She is a law professor at the university in Madison, the state capital.  She has written about the protests and the associated antics of the left wing losers.  Very little about the right wing for they do not protest that much.  She has been pretty neutral and presented things fairly objective.


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One of the incidents after the democrats lost the election there was the alleged incident of one supreme court justice trying to choke another court justice.  Apparently the incident did not happen.  It was a case of one trying to protect themselves and the other distorting the truth to gain control of such.

Yet this incident has become a microcosm of the left wing progressive distortion and being sore losers.  Watching the taunts the protestors hurled at the right wing winners was sad.  Yet they, like the supreme court justice made false accusations to try and control the situation in which they lost.

So my question is….. are Democrats becoming liars, half truths, innuendo and distortions to further their agenda.  Where has the Democrat gone that used to be above board and accepted defeat and went on to the next battle.  Puffery is fairly common in politics but where has it descended to in the Democratic party.  Why have they became such sore losers, why do they want control so much.  Why are they not accepting of ideas different from theirs.  What happened to the Democratic party I used to vote for.

In this incident a whole can of worms is now crawling around.  Are the conservative Democrats going to continue to let the progressive Democrats control what used to be a noble political party.


Well… so much for my soap box and two cents worth.


Have a good week.

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