Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twin Peaks

Reaching skyward the two peaks make and impressive background.  They are at the southern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

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One is over 14,000 feet in elevation the other just a few feet shy of being a fourteener.  They have inspired lots of names for communities along the Front Range, ranches, stores, streets and malls among other things.  Both are named after Army officers that explored early Colorado.  The back peak has been used for training on Climbing Everest or Denali.  It is a rugged mountain with a diamond face carved out centuries by the glaciers of various ice ages.  A sheer cliff of over 1500 feet, chimney;s ledges and ice. One of the more difficult technical climbs in the world.

It is neat to hike the trail to the base and watch the climbers work their way up the rocks.  They have to start early morning because afternoon usually brings big thunderstorms with lightening.  Watching the sparks fly from the rocks near by is not a comfortable feeling.

All that snow up there feeds the irrigation canals for the farmers living below on the prairie.  Corn grows Iowa size, truck farms flourish and roadside stands show up.  There are orchards mixed in, dairies and tree farms.  When there is great snow in the hills there is plenty of water to irrigate with.

It is also the water that stirs up emotions and lawsuits.  States sue each other over the rights to the water, neighbors argue with each other and cities engage in hostilities.  Water is precious and the mountains are the fount. 

All the beauty and splendor causes bickering fed by greed, envy and jealousy. 

I enjoy the view and hope to share the pleasure I get from looking at the mountains.

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