Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Passing Sun


With time the cycle rolls around.  The sun moves from north to the south.  Colors change. clouds float, ever changing, a motion that is ever changing but always the same. 


IMGP3777 (640x416)

Into the eve ole man sol travels.  On the morrow he shall return.  Light, warmth and life he carries. 

His days are not numbered.  Measurement comes from his location.  Across the horizon rays reach their fingers.  Touching caressing…. bringing life’s warmth.  The same each day, a pattern that changes to be the same.

Steps I measure out no length, without direction.  Leading to where.  Prints left behind.  Frozen in a moment.  Briefly forgotten, rediscovered, where to look.  Was it lost, misplaced or hidden.

The march continues, following a rhythm few hear or see.

Gather me up.  Warp me in your warmth.

Carry me.

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