Monday, September 26, 2011

Threshers Day … IV … Tractors


Get country folks together and the tractor weasels it way in to the conversation.  Old Threshers Day has its share of tractors.  They get shown off in the parade or at the pull.

The Johnny Poppers are probably the most popular and the red McCormick's a second.  There is whole other variety of plowing machines.  The steam tractors were missing because of the regulations the government pushed on to them.  Sometimes I would like to plow the bureaucrats into the ground, they would make such good fertilizer.  They also know how to screw life up, oh well, on to the tractors.

DSCN0279 (640x480)DSCN0282 (640x456)DSCN0283 (640x483)DSCN0284 (640x484)

These are some of the more unusual and rare tractors on display.

DSCN0413 (640x480)

DSCN0430 (545x640)

DSCN0441 (640x480)

There is usually a homemade contraption around someplace.


Men and their machines.

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