Friday, September 30, 2011

The Yellow Flowers n Colors of Autumn


Autumn brings the cool changes of fall.  No longer is there the searing heat of summer.  Nature is getting ready for a nap.  The  beauty that is covered by the green ushers forth, the last blooms unfurl, soon to be replaced by naked browns.

Meadows change to a carpet of yellow accented by green, outlined by the towering trees of green going to yellow.

IMGP4408 (425x640)IMGP4416 (425x640)

IMGP4411 (640x425)IMGP4412 (425x640)

Country roads travel through bent boughs, arched tunnels of green n yellow.

Autumn is a season of calm.  Soon the snows will fly over the fields bring moisture and nourishment for next years crop.

IMGP4107 (552x640)IMGP4109 (516x640)IMGP4116 (640x425)

In the glistening light, colors hurry, pausing but a moment to be captured in memory.  Sun slants to a lower angle each day. A season at the end.

IMGP4206 (640x425)IMGP4209 (640x425)

Mixed in with nature can be found the hand of man.  Acres and acres od sunflowers bow their heads in prayer.  Soon the harvester will roll forth, thrashing the plants.

May You have a blessed weekend.


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