Thursday, September 15, 2011

Threshing Days


Across the country the farming communities celebrate their heritage in various ways.  It may be their crop, strawberry days, potato days or something else.  These celebration days harken back to a time earlier in history.  The old crafts and machinery show up, locals get together to visit, talk about the weather and the days events.  A feast is set out and there is more visiting.

This past week I went to Old Thrashers Day at a neighboring town.  It has been going on for a number of years.  The show was spread out over a few acres with different activities in the locations plus there fairgrounds next door was being used.

There was more then I want to put in one story so I am going to spread it out over a number of stories.  To say the least, I enjoyed my day and next year will plan better for a longer stay.


DSCN0313 (640x480)

One of most interesting was watching this young lady and her oxen.  They are about 1500 pound animals and with a little flick of her whip the ox responded.  There is no leash or harness, she leads them around with the buggy whip.  It is a flick above them or a gentle tap on their shoulders to get their attention.  Mostly it was a gentle tap and the oxen would respond and move to her commands.

DSCN0314 (640x480)


She gets them hooked up and they push their buggy back up on the trailer.  They have to push evenly or the buggy goes lopsided on off the trailer.  It was a treat to watch her work with the animals.

She said they are 4 years old so that means they will grow some more.  They will probably grow to over 2000 pounds. 

I talked with her a bit and she said they use them around the farm for various chores, such as hauling water out to pasture.  She also said she has fun with them around the farm.

There were some other woman there dressed like her.  I am guessing they might be a Mennonite type of sect.  Yet to get the animals to work together like that takes time and patience.


Fall has arrived…. will be in the 40’s most of the day and it has been raining past 2 days.  No frost on the pumpkin yet though but it will be close.

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