Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being Thankful


A very unique holiday was brought by a religious group fleeing persecution.   On a small ship they set sail from England to the New World.  Had very little  idea what they would be facing or what to take. 

When they landed they were thankful for a safe trip and so their adventure began.  They had many failures upon arrival and as winter was setting in their provisions were lacking.  The Indians who were living in the land saw the plight of the new people and gathered up food and brought it to the new people living on their land. 

In thankfulness the pilgrims had a celebration feast with their new neighbors. 

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Today I am thankful for the country I live in but after the occupy protests I wonder how much longer this country will be free.

It is one thing to break the law but for the law keepers to ignore the broken rules and do nothing makes me stop and wonder what is happening.  Then I read the stories of the Christians being killed in the Middle East and Africa.  So far the US is a relatively free country and Thanks giving can be celebrated as a religious holiday.  Christmas is another question at a later time.

As more and more mandates are pushed out the door of the bureaucracy…. more and more freedoms are lost.  A mandate impinges on ones freedom of choices for to violate a mandate is violate a law.  Yet the politicians let things like this go on the books.

Step back and look at the persecution of the pilgrims and where it came from.  Lots of it came from the government.  The government does not like competition and religion competes with government.  Compare the rules.

So this thanks giving I ponder,  who’s rules shall I live under, can I endure the persecution or will I fight back?  Christians in America are facing some tough times ahead unless there is a change in attitude of Christians on both sides of the political spectrum.


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