Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A White Christmas it Was….. So


Flakes of snow began floating down late Monday eve.  A snow Squall line was passing by over head.  Ever so gently did the flakes drift down.  Soon it was a white mantle, covering the earth.  As quickly as it began the squall line passed.  Clear blackness lay overhead, punctured by sparks of blue.  A landing strip for Santa was at the ready.

Early next morning was cold and crisp with more flakes finding their way ground ward.  It was a gentle floating of flakes with occasional swirls spinning over the grasses, clearing the drive.  In peace and contempment I took my coffee and say in front of the window watching God’s wonders at work. 

Here was the day set aside to remember the birth of God’s son, Christ.  A peace laid over the land as the flakes continued to fall.  In an earth full of turmoil and strife, this moment was full of peace.  The grace of Christ covered the land.  . 

Christmas came in like a lamb, very peaceful did the day begin and throughout the day the calm prevailed.

I sat in wonder as the day unfolded.  God provided the ideal day to say thanks for the virgin birth.

frost weeds (1024x768)

This morning was cold and frosty.  A silvery white frosting had been left behind.

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