Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Death and Dying


Every time some one I know passes on I pause for a bit and ponder.  A moment of sorrow yet it is joy for no longer are they in this world.  Behind is their loved ones, family, relatives and friends.  Over the years as I edge closer to the end it gives me pause.  I have lost family and friends much younger then I and wonderment crosses the thoughts.

I have watched death at bedside that was like an eternity.  Then there are those that are here and a moment later are gone.  In all its shapes, death has its own life, a style that is unique.  Go for the gusto many say, or the others who want to live forever.  The extremes tugging at the ends of the string.  Some trying to stretch life like an elastic band.  Others who defy the Grim reaper.

Left behind are the living.  Grief and sorrow fill their lives for a time.  The closer the attachment is the longer the sorrow lingers.  For the real close family member a void is left that is not filled.  Coping with life becomes a journey for many that have lost very close ones.

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The wail of the ambulance rolls over the noises of life, the hammer of the chopper as it flies in.  Hope that broken parts can be mended.  Sometimes the damage is beyond repair.  Comfort is given as much as possible, pain is eased, people are called it is not pleasant times.  The hospice is prepared.  Now what, a junction is reached, decisions to be made.  In the worst of times, that one moment that one has not prepared for nor expected, is on the doorstep. 

We are but passengers on the spaceship earth for a short journey, It is a quote I have heard at times.  It is so appropriate.  In the scheme of things my time here is limited.  I may be able to delay the inevitable but I can not stop it. 

To that end I justify death.  For many it is merciful, others, should of not happened.  But happen, that it does.

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