Friday, December 14, 2012

Building Murals


Climbing up the scaffolding I would watch the painter briefly as he scampered around, admiring his work in progress.  The wall was being transformed.  No longer would it be a mundane building sitting on the corner of Main and the old highway.  The spirit of the community was being placed on the wall.  Soon the figures of the towns heritage would look out across the way.

DSCN2986 (1024x768)

In my travels I have run across many a mural painted on a variety of structures.  This mural here is on the side of a store, AKA chocolate factory.  It depicts the early days of the the town when it came into existence in the late 1800’s.

Old Colorado City sits at the base of Pikes Peak and here is where the gold ore from the mountain was processed.  It was a rough and tumble town of the gold rush.  Businesses prospered as the mill workers and freight handlers have lots of disposable income. 

One side of the street was the goody tow shoe side, the other was the side of ill repute.  Gun fights were not unusual but it was mostly bare knuckles in the saloon and alleys.  To the lusty side would go the merchants and bankers but not by the sidewalk.  Instead tunnels were built under the street so the bankers…. etc. could discreetly go over to the saloon or house of ill repute and indulge in the businesses over there.

In the 1860’s Colorado City was the territorial capital of Colorado.  Today it is a part of Colorado Springs and one of many tourist traps around the area.

Like many tourist traps it has it beauty and this recent mural has a certain attraction and reflects the old village pretty good.


Are there any murals in your area that have been recently painted?

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