Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off With Their Heads


During revolutions, this was a familiar cry.  It was a fairly common practice against political enemies.  The ruling class would also use beheading as a way to control their populace.  It is a macabre practice of man, to chop off the head of another.  Yet in the political ring over the centuries, beheading was a fairly regular practice.

Imagine what it would have been like if it was still used by politicians today.  After what the IRS, EPA, NSA and others have done.  Today rolling heads is a figure of speech, yet there probably will be a few bureaucrats that will feel the axe when all is said and done.

As we celebrate the day in Independence in the USA, consider the French revolution.  When the ruling party was ousted in France, beheading of the former rulers became a public display.  The guillotine was a French invention and the French used it on their former rulers. 

Yet after what the government agencies did to the Republicans, in particular the Tea Parties, they beheaded them.  The IRS was adroit in chopping off heads of opposition.  Wonder what kind of outcry there would be if the Tea Party people wanted to guillotine them?

Doubt if there would be any deterrence of behavior on the part of the government bureaucrats.  Laws only provide consequences for behaviors, that seldom successful in deterring behavior.  About all capital punishment does is remove people from society.

So what kind of punishment should there be for these government screw ups, those that abused their power.  Ruling out head chopping…. a bit to gruesome. 

Every time I think about the ballet about John the Baptist, I shudder a bit.  Yet beheadings are still common today, in certain parts of the world.

Seen a video, some time back, it was about capital punishment.  It showed hanging, lethal injection, firing squads, guillotine and other forms of taking another's life.  The guillotine was gruesome. the head bounced out of the basket and rolled into the crowd.  Never seen so many jumping and bug eyed.

With all these ugly forms of punishment, people still do not stop.  Ever wonder why people continue to commit crimes or heinous acts?

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