Sunday, July 21, 2013



Ronal Regan was called the teflon President, because they said nothing stuck to him.  Obama is going to have to be called the kelvar president, for he hasn’t even been wounded by the bullets that have been hurled at him.

There was Benghazi, then the IRS and NSA plus the economy is sour.  There are other smaller bullets flying but they seem to fall on the ground.  Lots of talk but very little action.

Each week different stories are brought up but not much happens.  Read where the people at Benghazi had to sign non=disclosure statements.  That in and of itself is an indictment of the administration that said it would be transparent.  So much for being forthcoming to the public they are supposed to serve.

Crooks, tend to hide behind mis-directed statements and twist things to give themselves favorable light. 

How many people have you heard of being fired from the IRS?  There should have been no question about terminating the people that violated the trust of the public.  There should have been suspension of pay for numerous administrators in the IRS.  If there are no consequences to the people that abused their position in the IRS, what is to prevent others from doing the same.

The NSA stuff, one can lay at the feet of Bush.  It came from the Patriot Act passed after 9/11.  Then the Republicans voted to continue the Act just a few years ago.

The Patriot Act, almost gives the administration dictatorial powers.  It is probably one scariest pieces of legislation Congress has ever passed.  Look how the present President has abused this power.

The most visible part of this was the TSA people in the airports and look how many of them mis-behaved.

Yet the president lets things roll along, by saying nothing he consents to these different abuses of the public he was elected to serve.

Right now a race war is on the back burner.  So far has been calm, but for how long.

What is really sad is how many Democrats are in denial of how their President is mis-behaving.

Yes, kelvar president is pretty good.

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