Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weather Demons….. swooooosh


Past couple of weeks the weather has been fabulous.  Temps have been in the mid 80’s, occasional clouds and some rain showers.  Person couldn’t ask for weather much better.  Nights cool off to the upper 50’s, making nice sleeping.  Be nice if it would stay that way the rest of the summer.  We are heating up again, temps climbing just over 90 degrees, getting close to uncomfortable warm. 

Spring did not show up until the middle of June though.  We were cold and windy in April and May.  Storms would boil up and the wind would howl sending dust devils all over.  Clouds of dust would obscure the sun until the rain followed behind the winds and the dust would settle back down.  We have had some good moisture lately so the winds are not kicking up the dust any more.

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Yet, through all this the weather pattern has not been the same.  I read the other day that the big earthquakes had upset the GPS system by a minuscule  fraction.  To bring it back into precision would take lots of recalibrating of the satellites and the various transponders.  Engineers are very precise people.  Apparently the earths shift did not affect the navigation capacity for the personal GPS gadgets. 

Yet I got to thinking, if there was a shift in the earth, even a tiny one, it would affect the weather.  I had heard talk that the earth’s axis had tilted some because of the quakes and people were talking about haw things were now in sun or shade where they hadn’t been before. 

I began to watch, and there was a slight difference in how the sun came up and where it set.  Nothing major, but slightly discernable.  Then the slow arrival of spring this year made me wonder.

If the earth has tilted, even a 100th of a degree, weather patterns will change.  The biggest influence on out weather is the sun and if it is striking the land differently, it will effect the weather.

Have not heard or read anything about the earth’s shift but this story about fixing the GPS system.

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In the great climate debate there has been no mention of this.  Yet an axis tilt will have more impact on the climate then anything man can do.  So has there an axis tilting of the earth?  This soul would like to know.

With all of the distortions and lies, hopefully some day scientists can get back to the facts and off the political feed trough and be real in life.


Have you heard or read anything about a shift in the earths tilt, movement?

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