Monday, May 19, 2014

Politics… A part of Americana


Politics, impacts most every part of our lives.  All the laws we live under, were passed by a politician.  Whether it be the level of hometown to the state, even the county, oh forget about big brother, he is becoming a nuisance.

Every time a law is passed, a bit of freedom is lost. Well that ‘s what laws do, takes our choices away.  You can be left wing or right wing, if you want to pass a law, you want to control somebody(s) behavior.

So what do we do.  We go crying to government to solve our problems, take care of us.  And, big brother does by passing laws to impact lives of a few people.

Then look at the attacks that involved in political in fighting.  When someone attacks another, they usually trying to deflect, avoid the reality of the other side.  It is a common tactic used by criminals for years and some political types have been very adept in adopting criminal tactics.  

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When I travel through small towns, I try to visit some of their museums and displays.  It is these little stops that made me think how much the political process affects our lives.  Most of these little places get tax money in some form or other.  So favor with the politicians is curried.  For the hand outs are wanted for these things.  Which I have no problem with.  For they collect things that will be forgotten over the generations, if it were not for things like these. 

What bothers me is how people then look the other way when the tax money is wasted or spent for cronyism, which these sometimes fall into that trap. 

Yet look at all of the decisions we make every day that are based on political laws.  The most oblivious ones are the traffic laws.  We make 100’s of decisions on these laws, walking or driving.  Look closely at them, see how they are designed to control behavior, yet all the really do is provide consequences.  Who really control behavior.  Then… ponder the seatbelt law.

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