Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Corner Bully


Junk mail is all varieties and sizes.  Then there is government mail. 

DSCN6239 (600x800)


Talk about blatant threats.  Wonder what would happen if I don’t respond.  Maybe I could claim the Post Office never delivered it.  Or the bureaucrats never mailed it. 

Being a good citizen, I should be thrilled to fill this.  The bureau should not have to threaten me to take part in the survey.  Yet the big bold letters are but bully words.

It is moments like this when I understand why so many dislike the government.  No longer is the government for service to its citizens.  Not sure what the intent of the government agencies are any more?

The title of Civil Servant is disappearing.

Oh well…. On some dark and gloomy eve I shall bring forth the paper cutter, open and see if I can read it. 

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