Friday, May 30, 2014

There Are Days


As they say, Some day or there are days and then there are days.  In life there are all types of days.  Ugly ones, handsome ones, daring ones, screechers and then there are days, why did I get up days.

The wind howls, the clouds roll and twist and matter passes on by. Those days, the hatches get battened down and wait it out.  Then there  are the moments of the rainbow, where everybody goes… ahhhhh…. ooohhhhh. 

Those moments in the days add up and then there is the pay off of all those days one wants to forget about.   For there are days when nothing can go wrong that day.  It is one of the most comfortable days in the world.

DSCN6315 (800x600)

The clouds are an adornment on an azure sky, the breeze tickles the skin and time in content.  There are no ruffles, just a moment in time, one would like to have forever.  The peace of tht day, exhilarates the soul.

Soaring through life, cares are left behind, problems are non issues.  It is the grandest of days.  On that day, Peace like a river flows through it.  Nothing can dim those moments. 

For all the other ugly days, these moments are a small reward for enduring.  A time to cherish, to forget about the other times.

It is an experience not found in the hustle of the big city.  The times I am glad to be in the country.

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