Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Other Side


It was flipped over, So I guess the other side is the flip side.  Then there is easy over, well that is a matter of opinion.  You can't have one you say.  Why can't you have one.  You’ll get booted from your job? 

Expressing your opinion, it’s not a good idea, say who?  What happened to freedom of speech?  You say you can censor me but I can’t express my opinion about you?  Whoa, what is the difference?

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If the King did not like what was being said about him, that person would lose their head or spend the rest of their life in the dungeon.  It was this type of harsh punishment that got the framers of the Constitution to put Freedom of Speech as the first part of the Constitution. 

You say lots of things I don’t agree with but that is no reason for me to behead you, terminate you from your job.

Yet is is this very thing that an NBA owner is being beheaded.

Now how many players are going to be banned from the NBA?

Listen to their trash talk on the court while playing basketball, it is way worse then the owners language. 

Then lately, it seems as if the law of the land is meaningless.  Wonder when anarchy will start rearing its head?

Are you ready for the Anarchists?






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