Sunday, November 28, 2010



Went to the big city for a couple of days.  Helter skelter life of the city reminds me why I like living in the boonies.  The noise, dirt, trash and other assorted junk floating about.  I look at my self and say, “This is where you used to live.”  My answer is…. ***************, deleted.  Guess I need to do better with self conversations so I won’t expletive deleted blank spots.

It was nice though.  A model train show, meet some new people, see some old ones and become reacquainted.  Check out some of the new gadgets on the market and pass lots of hot air.  Then that’s why I like going, the conversations and camaraderie.

Then when I get back home it takes some time going through the e-mail and blog readers.  Catching up on another facet of life, the people of cyber space.  There is a connection in cyber space that I never imagined.  So many share their lives, the ups…. the downs, struggles and joys.  The everyday life they lead.

One part that caught me off guard was the passing of some of the people I have met on here.  There was a tug of the heart, a sadness and a want of some way to reach out to the families that posted the notes of their loss.

There was one such notice posted when I got back on the net.  It had been an ongoing struggle.  I could sense the pain they were going through.  Then the post of life passing on.

There were a couple of ladies who had written about the travail they had been going through with their husbands.  Both became widows this past month. 

As I read these short posts a tear would trickle down the corner of the eye, a sense of loss was there.  Friends had changed, a void had opened up.

It is part of life though and time goes on.  I make some adjustments but the skin doesn’t get any tougher.




Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving and now time for Christmas.  Watched the plate and did not overload it.  Want to keep the slim trim boyish figure of years past.  Watched some of the shopping craziness on the TV news.  Kind of scary that material possessions are so important that their fellow man gets trampled on.  One more reason why I avoid those kind of deals.

Take down the fall decorations later today and then next week start getting ready for Christmas.

Have a good week and a great day.

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