Friday, December 3, 2010

Why live here…… WHY?

Me pondering the aspects of a world I grasp not.  Reflections on my own life, why did I live there. 

Well for starters, that’s where mommy n daddy lived.  Then that’s where the job was or where the company transferred.  There are green pastures over there, well I thought so…. now I don’t know.

Where is the anchor, the roots, what is the connections.  The family is there, grew up there, climate or the scenery is great.



Seeing this view set off the weakest of grey matter to contemplate why people live where they do.

This is a great view of the snow capped rockies out across the prairie.  Very appealing until one realizes this picture would be much clearer if it was not for the crud in the air.  One of the problems living ion a basin, dirty air collects in the valley.  Then when the wind comes up it cleans the air.  Another problem, the air screams over the mountains, sometimes as fast as 150mph.  Lots of things get rearranged.

Yet millions of people live in the area.  Aren’t there pretty scenes around with less crud and violent weather. 

I dealt with the weather because I loved going to the mountains.  There was hiking, jeeping, hunting, skiing and fishing.  Today it is no longer appealing.  what used to be wheat fields is now growing 2X6’s.  the crud comes from to many people wanting to be in the same area at the same time.

So I now live where I do not rub elbows with the crud of life.  I can still hike, fish, the mountains are over there and the deer sleep next door.

So why do people live where they do?  Sounds like I am back at Go and boardwalk has been passed.  Where would be an ideal Place to live?  Easy year around mild weather, no storms….. hummmm what else?


enjoy your weekend

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