Sunday, December 26, 2010

On to the Next Year

The feast and gifts of the year are becoming but a memory. Gifts returned, exchanged or broken, all part of year's end celebration. For the Christian it is a year long celebration. The gift of Christ will always be there.

Next is the celebration that the bottlers of spirits love. Orgy of alcohol consumption, excuse to be boneheaded or just be crazy.

Wonder how the Muslims are dealing with all of this. they are on a different calendar or sorts and see Christ as a prophet. Just have a hard time seeing a Christmas tree in a Muslim home.

The New Year celebrations around the world. If one loves fireworks this has got to be an all time favorite celebration. The pyrotechnic displays are awesome. One of the few things I am thankful, to the Chinese for. Colorful explosions, now to figure how to get conflicts settled by colorful explosions and no guns allowed.

Will have a glass of wine and toast the incoming New Year. No resolutions allowed in the household, go out and live life to the fullest and live with others.

Still in the dry dust bowl, no snow, only frost in the morn. Everybody else has gotten rained on or snowed in and I'm looking at brown dust spots.

As the week begins, have a good one and may God be your companion through the week.
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