Friday, December 17, 2010

To Determine for Self


Went a another model train show this past weekend and it was tied in with a gem and mineral show.  Nice browsing and change of pace looking at what the rock hounds had to offer.  Also met some friends I had not seen in a few years.  Made a rather long round trip going and returning as I checked out some other places.


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Met a friend there and we were going to have lunch together there.  We went our ways, talking and looking.  I wanted a cup of coffee so I went to the vendor and got a cup.  There were picnic style tables so I asked a couple sitting at one of them if I could join them.  Sure they said.  So I sat down.  The guy was a kidder  and got to talking about some of the things going on.  One thing led to another and soon he was telling me about some of his life.

He said he emancipated himself when he was 16, today that means running away he noted.  His parents had been in a little town in New Mexico, called White Oaks.  those of you that have seen some of the Billy the Kid movies should recognize the town.  He left and traveled to another little town in northern Colorado of Grover, close to the Wyoming border.  He asked a few questions about railroads and other things in the white Oaks area and I had no answer for him so we talked about some of his life.

He said when he got to Grover he went to work on a ranch but he also went back to school and graduated from HS.  From there he went on to college and got a teaching degree and became a teacher.  I asked him where he had taught and he said, the Republic of Boulder.  There was a little distaste in his voice and after talking some more he expressed his disgust with lots of the people that live in Boulder and their attitude.

This distaste did not surprise me as I have heard from others.  Yet that is my alma mater and I never gave the arrogant attitude of some in Boulder much thought having worked and went to school with a few of them.  Mixed in with the elite snobs of Boulder are few humble people.

Anyway the conversation shifted to politics and he became very animated about lots of things the government is doing and the imposing attitude of a few people.  I was not taken aback for I have been these types of conversations before.  This time I did a little more pondering.

Ran across a comment other day, self determining man.  Man that determines how to live his life and is self reliant.  I looked at that then I reflected on the conversation I had.  It was becoming clear why he was angry at some of the Boulderites.  The elites have the notion they can tell people how to live their lives.  Well trying to impose their will on this guy did not set very well.

Here was a man who had raised himself, made his life and probably received very little government help.  Yet here were these peole telling him how to live his life.  that kind of attitude does not set very well with many people.  After hearing his story I could understand his anger.  A man who live quite well independently yet he was bothered by others saying no you should live this way.

Boulder is full of various environmental type groups and they have passed various types of laws on how to live …etc.  For some these do not set well, for others it is indifference and for some that is how it is.

One of the fascinating things about these elitists is they want others to live the way they do and there are those who wish to live another.  There are those who wish to live with very little government and there are those want to use the government to impose their values on others.  Both left and right use the government for their agenda.  then there are people like the guy I talked with, wants to live a life with little flourish, not bother others or be bothered much by others.

When I look at my conversation I see two things, either a major conflict or an acceptance of the lifestyles of others.  Accepting others has been verbalized but not practiced. 

In a truly free society a variety of lifestyles can exist but the right and left of it appear to be blind to that.

Even in my hobbies I see these types of conflicts.  There is such a lack of tolerance and or accepting the little niche.

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